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Astros Tourism, which has been providing services since 1992, also organizes international flights. Astros Turizm, which offers trust and quality at the same time, is among the preferred bus companies. Dec. The stores, which organize frequent flights to various provinces of Romania and Ukraine, evaluate and implement many services from air conditioning to headphones for passengers. Designed for those who will make long trips, the spacious seats are attractive for passengers to buy Astros Tourism bus tickets.

It is possible to find tickets on weekdays or weekends, and no passenger remains without a ticket. Continuous and uninterrupted flights enable passengers to travel at the hours they want. Astoros Turizm, which has branches in many cities, facilitates the purchase of tickets by selling tickets over the Internet

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Astoros Turizm Fleet

Astoros Turizm, which offers the opportunity to travel to many destinations, provides services with the latest model buses. passengers traveling in 2 + 1 seats can watch high-quality movies from each other along the way. Astoros Turizm, which made its name in a short time with long-distance and international passenger transportation, is recognized as a company that many people know and trust. Astoros Turizm, which meets customer demands in the best way, gives you the pleasure of going with a different from another province until the end. A large number of people take advantage of the comfortable service by buying tickets. The drivers and assistants who provide service are kind to the passengers and do not disrespect them. Astoros Turizm, which has carried professionalism to the road, ensures that passengers are satisfied by not making mistakes in the service.

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Astoros Turizm Treats

rosTurizm, which constantly offers treats to increase passenger satisfaction and comfort, offers an affordable trip in terms of price. Astoros Tourism, which is the address of the trip with plenty of treats, is doing its best to make the trip qualified. Professional drivers and assistants who are experienced in their field ensure that people's dream trip is realized. Customers who travel to many destinations under the best conditions continue their journey smoothly. Astoros Tourism, which increases its service quality every day, reaches more and more customers every day. Astoros Tourism, which behaves in a professional manner,provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Passengers who easily reach the appropriate flights can purchase their tickets with a credit card. Hearing positive things about Astoros Tourism constantly gives passengers confidence.