Copyright Notice

As Astoros Tourism, we take copyright violations seriously and respect intellectual property rights. This Copyright Notice aims to help prevent copyright violations by cooperating with copyright owners. Please read this policy carefully.

Copyright Infringement Notices
1.1. Copyright owners or their authorized representatives can make copyright infringement notifications about the content contained on the Astoros Tourism website via [contact information].
1.2. When making a copyright infringement notification, it is important that you provide the following information:
a) A clear description of the work that you claim to be the subject of copyright and the exact location of the content in which the work is located.
b) A detailed description of the infringement and information that is proof that you are the copyright owner.
c) Your contact information, name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
d) Your statement that the violation notification is accurate and reliable.

Examination of Violation Notices
2.1. Astoros Tourism takes copyright infringement notices seriously and reviews them as soon as possible.
2.2. If the notifications are found to be valid and accurate, the violated content will be immediately removed or its access will be blocked.
2.3. The person who made the notification is contacted and the necessary information is shared. In addition, third parties that have published the infringed content may also be contacted.

Incorrect Notifications
3.1. Erroneous or incorrect notifications are treated seriously by Astoros Tourism. There may be legal responsibilities in case of making erroneous notifications.
3.2. In relation to erroneous notifications, information and explanations are provided to the person who claims a violation or to the party who makes the notification of a violation.

Respect for Intellectual Property Rights
4.1. Astoros Tourism respects intellectual property rights and is committed to acting in accordance with the law.